By Anita Mondragon
I’ve been thinking about my life quite a lot lately.  Even though I was raised in a Christian home, my life was very difficult.  Most of that was from my own bad choices, but it seemed like I was always being hounded by the enemy.  He was always there, whispering in my ear, encouraging me to go the wrong way. 
I’ve recently come to realize that perhaps the enemy wasn’t after me…he was after my womb.  You see, I had the option of abortion presented to me, but chose to keep my baby. Because of my choice, I have a daughter who loves the Lord with all her heart.  She has a blog and always uses that as a witnessing tool.  She has brought up her children, my grand children in the ways of the Lord, and one of them is seeking full time ministry.  Years later, when I got pregnant at 41, abortion/termination was once again offered to me.  I chose LIFE!  So now, I also have a son who is extremely talented in music.  He has, in the past been involved with Worship teams.  I’m praying he will once again find his place in that realm of being in, and leading Worship.  I also have another son-not of my womb, but of another.  He was placed in our home to be taught the ways of the Lord.  I think he’s going to grow up to be a preacher!  Children, are indeed a heritage from the Lord Himself!
Then I read of Mary, the mother of Jesus in the Bible.  Look at her life.  She was raised to worship God.  She was pure of heart, and body.  But then it happened.  God Almighty chose to use her womb to birth His only Son, Jesus.  Folks knew her character from before.  But when they found out she was pregnant, their opinion of her changed.  Her parents were ashamed of her.  Her betrothed-Joseph had his doubts about going through with the wedding.  She ended up having to hide -out at a relatives house, and people in her own hometown thought about stoning her.  But that’s not the end….  The King of Glory was born in a dirty stable because there was no room at the Inn.  When the Wise Men went looking for Jesus to show their adoration, Herod got wind of it, and wanted them to come back and tell him where Jesus was so that he could kill him.  Of course, God did not allow that, so Herod ended up killing all the baby boys up to two years old.
I believe this is why there are so many abortions going on in the world today.  The enemy knows his time is short, and he is hell-bent on destroying the unborn children, having them ripped from their mother’s womb.  He knows that those that are born into homes where the Bible  is taught could be a potential danger to him and his kingdom.  
Kids now days are fearless and outspoken.  I’ve seen young children witness to their friends and even to adults about Jesus and their need for salvation. I have personally experienced a “sermon” from my youngest when I was out of line! These kids know how to praise and worship God from their hearts, and most of them pray better than adults.  They were born…or supposed to have been born for such a time as this!  
God has a plan for us all.  If you are pregnant right now, and in the valley of decision as to whether or not you should keep your baby or have an abortion…remember, life is precious, and this ‘gift’ has been given to you.  Mary carried the Savior of the world.  Perhaps you are carrying the child that will find a cure for cancer, or some other disease!  Carry that child proudly!  Raise it up right-to KNOW God and serve Him.  Be the mother you always wanted to be! Choose Life!

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