Unusual Times

by Clem Fitzsimmons
What if God has taken away the things that (we think) are so important to give us more of what we really need: Himself. The very Giver of life, the One who made everything (John 1:3) and in Whom ‘we live and move and have our being’ (Acts 17:28) knows what we need. Many times I have held regret over certain things not coming to pass in life, or have lamented certain things that have happened. I think most of us have.
This is a fallen world and a land this side of Heaven. And yet, I can’t help but wonder that if Christ is who He says He is, namely the Word, the One who made us and in Whom we have our being, then there must be no other Person who would know us and what it is we need like He does. Call on Him today, throw yourself on the mercy of God for He delights ‘to show mercy’ (Micah 7:18).
As the woman wept at the feet of Jesus, and as every sob must have told a different story, she was not ashamed to put it all on the line. She must have known at Who’s feet she wept. She must have known all of the ridicule and rebuke she would suffer from performing such a bold and unusual act. And yet, the Lord did not turn her away. In fact, He gave her a special place in history and proclaimed that wherever the Gospel was preached, this act of worship would be ‘a memorial to her.’ (Matthew 26:13) Hallelujah!
Christ rewards those who will step out of the comforts of this world and will see Him for Who He is—God, The Savior of mankind. And people who will see themselves for what they are: sinners in need of a savior.No matter your need today, draw near to the throne of grace and call on Him!
He is waiting.

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