Come The Morning

by Anita Mondragon
Weeping may endure for a night, but JOY comes in the morning.”  Psalms 30:5
We had several torrential rainstorms hit our area, and I was very concerned about the birds and their young ones.  Every night, I would pray for them to be safe and dry.  I even gave God some advice on the storms, and told Him that perhaps he should lessen the amount of water He was sending, for although the seeds I had planted were enjoying this downpour…the animals outside were probably NOT as appreciative!
Saturday night, I got ready for bed and took a peek out my window to see what the weather looked like.  There was a blizzard going on!  I got in bed and said my prayers, but this time was different.  I said, “Really God?!  You and I need to have a heart to heart…  You’ve gone and drenched these birds for days …are you gonna freeze ’em now?”  I finally fell asleep, totally worried, and a bit peeved that God had not taken my advice regarding the weather situation. Sunday morning, I awoke to the sound of a bird singing his heart out.  Imagine my surprise when I looked out the window!  I said, “Hon!  Listen to that bird singing out there!  He’s goin’ on and on like it’s a bright, sunshiny day…and there are at least 8 inches of snow on the ground!  How can he sing like that?  He must be frozen!”  Mike rolled over and said, “Yeah…that’s what we need to be like.  We need to give God ALL our praise…even in our darkest hour!”
We came home when church was over, and Mike said, “Ya know ‘Neat’…you really need to write a poem about that bird.  So, Jesus and I sat down…and here’s what HE came up with.  It’s called, “COME THE MORNING,” and it goes like this:
Come rain, or come shine,
Or frost on his wings,
With voice lifted up,
To the Creator he sings:
“All praise be to Him,
Who lives on High…
Who gave me wings,
To soar and to fly!”
He frets not the ‘morrow,
‘Nor what it may bring…
He leaves that to Jesus;
He just wants to sing!
For singing he knows,
Will make lighter his load;
And the path be made clear,
When weary the road. ”
‘Tho the future’s unknown,
Or the road of tomorrow…
From this present sunshine,
He knows he can’t borrow.
For tomorrow may hold
Skies, cold and gray;
But when he sings to Jesus,
Storm clouds roll away!
All things are temporal…
And hardships, won’t last;
For when comes the morning…
Present sorrows will pass!
So, sing in the morning,
And sing in the night,
For dawn will break soon
With the SON’S glorious light!
Learn from the Sparrow,
And heed his song’s yearning…
Just give ALL to Jesus…
For joy comes in the morning!

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