By Anita Mondragon


“Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us, and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.”  I John 4:10

That word, propitiation, is not often used in this day and age, so I looked it up to clarify its meaning for all of us.  Here is what Mr. Webster has to say…

Propitiation:  Atoning sacrifice; Specifically, the self-sacrifice and death of Jesus viewed as appeasing divine justice and effecting reconciliation between God and man.

The above verse came from a promise that I pulled out of my Box.  After reading it, I remembered an old hymn we used to sing in my dad’s church.  Here are some of the words to that song.

“Alas! And did my Savior bleed? And did my Sov’reign die?  Would He devote that sacred head for such a worm as I?  Was it for crimes that I had done He groaned upon the tree?  Amazing pity!  Grace unknown, and love beyond degree!  Well might the sun in darkness hide, and shut his glories in, when Christ, the mighty Maker died, for man the creature’s sin.  But drops of grief can ne’er repay the debt of love I owe:  Here, Lord, I give myself away…’Tis all that I can do!  He loves me!  He loves me!  He loves me, this I know!  He gave Himself to die for me…because He loves me so!” -Isaac Watts 1707


There was also a tiny poem on the promise…

“Oh love divine, that stooped to share our sharpest pang, our bitterest tear…on Thee, we cast each earth-born care, we smile at pain…while Thou art near! -Unknown

I wanted to share this with everyone, because there seems to be a lot of pain and anxiety going on in the world today.  But, for the Believer, we have a hope.  We KNOW that God will take care of us, and we have assurance in Scripture that He, (Jesus) loved us, before we ever even thought about Him.

Are the pains of this life getting you down today?  Is anxiety, and depression following you around like a shadow? Then reach for Jesus…He’s only a prayer away!  He loves you and wants you to live an abundant life!  Call on Him…He’s listening…

Anita Mondragon

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