Mr. Crosky’s Pond

by Anita Mondragon
“Search me O God, and know my heart, try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me…”  Psalms 139: 23 & 24

It had become a ritual for Braden to walk the small parcel of land left to him by his father.  It was almost as important to him as his morning devotions. In the middle of the property, was a small pond.  On hot days, he would stoop down to drink from its coolness.  It was so beautiful…like a small oasis, with tall trees lining its edges and giving shade to the weary traveler! The pool sparkled so cool and clean, its contents so refreshing.  It was his sanctuary…his refuge.

On one particularly hot summer day, as Braden neared his special place, a soft breeze began to blow. It felt good against his sweaty skin as he closed his eyes and stopped momentarily to enjoy it.  Then, he pressed on, ever eager to reach his favorite place of peace and rest.  He couldn’t wait to taste the clean, clear water and quench his parched throat. As he reached the banks of the pond, he stooped down, cupped his hands and was ready to revel in the coolness of its depths.  Just then, the soft breeze that had caressed him only moments before, became gusty.  The tree tops swirled wildly above him, and the light of the noonday sun penetrated the shade as shafts of light reached the bottom of the pool. As he peered into the pond, he saw for the first time, the REAL contents that lay beneath the surface.  There were bottles, and trash, old rusty car parts, and even some polliwogs!  The water wasn’t clean at all!  It was muddy and murky.  It was full of impurities! Our hearts are like that pond.  We look so innocent, so clean.  So pure.  But when the breath of God sweeps over us and the light of His Son, Jesus, penetrates the depths of our souls, we finally see how impure we are.  Only then can we realize and admit to ourselves, and to God, that we need to be cleaned up…cleaned out…made new. Only Jesus can do that for us!

Call on Him now.  He’s waiting to cleanse you from all your sin!

Anita Mondragon

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