So This Is How It Ends

by Anita Mondragon
“…Well done, my good and faithful servant…enter into the joy of the Lord.  Matthew 25:21

Yard sales are one of my favorite pass-times! Feeling blessed that we had happened upon an estate sale, my husband and I hurriedly found a parking space and dashed inside.  It was a huge old mansion filled with priceless artwork, antiques, and expensive jewelry.  At one point, the grandeur of the place overtook me, and I stood in awe taking in all the wealth lying within the walls; but only for an instant, for I was ready to look for treasures.  Then…it hit me, and I began to cry.  As the tears streamed down my face, one woman approached me and asked if I was related to the deceased of the estate.  I assured her that I was only a shopper…just like her.  Unable to explain the tears, she quickly moved on to the next room, eyeing me curiously as she went as though I was somehow deranged. I began to look for my husband and finally found him in an upstairs room.  He too had a sad countenance.  I quietly took his arm and said, “I need to leave now…”  He nodded in agreement, as we headed out the door.  We were empty-handed. We sat in total silence until we reached the driveway of our home.  “I’m sorry!” I sobbed.  “I know there were a lot of nice things there, but I couldn’t bear the thought of bringing anything home…”  He felt the same way. How sad that someone would work hard their whole life only to have strangers come in and go through their beloved things…even down to their clothes, dishes, canned goods and groceries in the pantry!  It was like vultures had descended to devour; picking through things, pushing, grabbing.  It was pathetic to realize how greedy we humans can be at times. I was reminded of the scripture that says, we came into the world naked, and we will leave the same way.  If we know Jesus as our Savior, we need to remember to lay up treasures in Heaven, where moth and rust can’t corrupt and thieves can’t break in and steal.  Those treasures are eternal.  No estate sales there!  No one picking through your belongings.  They are yours…forever, given by the Master to His good and faithful servant! By: Anita Mondragon

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