by Anita Mondragon
What separates you from having joy?  I’m sure most of us right now would have to include Covid19 as being at least one thing that keeps us from having joy.  There are other ‘things’ attached to this virus…no travel, stay at home, confinement, boredom, loneliness….
So my question to you is…what will make you happy in life?  Is it going back to the norm of the way life was before the virus?  Going to work everyday,  being busy all the time…??  What will it take?
What if this virus lasts longer than folks expect?  What if you don’t have a job to return to when this is all over?  What if your idea of happiness never comes?
If your dreams of happiness hinge on the uncertainty of today’s situation, you may find yourself a prisoner in a cold cell of constant discontentment and misery.
If, however you KNOW Jesus as your Savior, you don’t have to stay in that cell!  God hears you when you call His name!  Jesus lives inside of you!  The Holy Spirit comforts you! And Heaven is waiting for you!  
As followers of Christ, we have forgiveness of sins, grace for each trial, direction for every fork in the road, and light for every darkness that may come upon us.  Jesus is our anchor for every storm we confront in this life!  No need to be down in the dumps….  With JESUS…We have everything we need!