Will You Fall or Stand?

by Anita Mondrgon
“The Bible is the story of two gardens: Eden and Gethsemane. In the first, Adam took a fall. In the second, Jesus took a stand.” –Max Lucado
I can really identify with the first garden! I believe most of the human race can. However, the second garden is where I usually fail. How about you?
I fall every day in my Spiritual walk with the Lord. Ohhhh! Don’t look down the end of your self-righteous nose at me and shake your head like YOU sin no more! We all sin…every day, because we fail to put on the armor of God that is available to us as Believers.
Thank God, I’m not able to fall from Grace; for HIS grace is sufficient for me! But, with my inability to live a sinless life because of my corrupted flesh, I find it difficult to take a stand for what is right and good. It’s easier to go with the flow, than to stick out in the crowd and be different.
Am I alone in this boat? I think not!
So, when Satan begins to hurl his evil darts at us, we must make a decision. Do we join in with everyone else and risk falling? Possibly lose sight of our call to be a light in the dark? Or, do we take a stand, put on our belt of truth and our breastplate of Righteousness to guard our hearts and live in victory? Do we let our light shine before all those around us and show them the way to Jesus?
The question we must ask ourselves is this: Do we pick up our armor and stand in the name of Jesus, or leave our armor on the ground and fall once again with Adam? THE CHOICE IS OURS!

2 Responses to “Will You Fall or Stand?”

  1. Val says:

    Amen Sis! Everyday we face a fall, big time flat on our face..or a baby slip on a banana peel, where we almost fall, but don’t quite. Those ones are the ones we say “Wheew, Thank Ya Jesus”. Through the hard falls, well we don’t always pick ourselves back up. Not even a hour long bath can bring us back to life, WE NEED HIS SUPPORT!

  2. Anita Mondragon says:

    Amen sister! We do indeed need the support of our Savior! Having support from your brothers and sisters in Christ help too. Never be afraid to ask for prayer!

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