By Anita Mondragon
Have you ever made an appointment with someone, only to end up waiting way past the time you were to be seen?  I have!  Almost every time I make a Doctor appointment, I have to wait 20-30 minutes past my appointment time sitting in the waiting room-paging through old magazines; then I’m shown to a room and told the doctor will be right in.  However, that seldom happens, and I wait even longer before they knock on the door and rush through with a smile and an apology.  
I’ve been a Christian for 51 years, and at times, I find the answers to my prayers to be quite similar.  Most of the time, my answer comes quickly, but the hard ones…the ones that concern the choices of others seem to take longer.  Sometimes weeks or months go by before I see an answer.  Then there are those times that my prayer requests take years.  I’ve known mothers to pray for their kids, and then die before the answer is ever seen by them.
I guess my point is this:  If it’s waiting to be seen by the doctor, or if we are waiting for an answer to prayer…no matter how long it takes in the ‘waiting room’ …we have to trust that we will be seen and heard.  That’s why we wait.  If we are at the doctor’s office, it is because our health is in question, so we have to wait.  If it’s something important enough that we have to take it to the Lord in prayer, then again, we must wait for HE has the only remedy!
It’s hard for me to wait because I’m not a patient person.  But I’m learning.  I have found that prayer is not only for the person or thing being prayed is for the person that is praying!  Prayer takes faith.  First, one must believe that there really is a God who listens and answers.  Then comes the waiting-that takes patience.  Those two things are listed in the Fruits of the Spirit!  So take heart!  You ARE seen…and you ARE being heard by the one who loves you most!
When you’re in the waiting room of unanswered prayers…don’t thumb through a magazine…open your Bible and renew your faith!

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