The War Is Not Over

by Anita Mondragon

“Things are not what they seem.  This is a world at war.  Each of us has a crucial role to play….  A battle is raging, and it is a battle for your heart.” -John Eldredge

Years ago, I read a book by John Eldredge, entitled:  Waking the Dead.  There were many things in there that spoke to my heart!  In one chapter called, “Spiritual Warfare”, he says, and I quote, “This is the heart of our Enemy.  He is determined to hinder and harm and ruin God’s image bearers.  To steal and kill and destroy…the story of your life is the story of the long and brutal assault on your heart by the one who knows what you COULD be, and fears it!”

The other morning, I read something in “Our Daily Bread”.  It was talking about a World War II soldier who continued to guard his post and refused to surrender until 1974-almost 30 years after the war had ended!  The soldier did not surrender because he was not convinced by all the leaflets dropped, telling him the war was over.  He would not relinquish his post until he got the official order from his Commanding officer.  His former Commanding officer had to travel from Japan to the Philippine Islands, where he (the soldier) was posted in 1945, to rescind the order…face to face.

This is the way Believers should be!  In this day and age, with all the Media, and Technology, we are being bombarded, and brainwashed into believing our Faith is a thing of the past…too old fashioned for this century.  Even some big-name preachers (I can’t call them pastors because pastors protect the flock) will tell you the “War” is over, And it’s OK to lay down your weapon (The Word of God)…just tolerate…accept the world as it is…accept change!  Don’t offend anyone…

But, the “War” is NOT over!  It won’t be over until Jesus comes back and establishes Peace on this world.  If you are aware of this and try to bring souls to the salvation of Jesus Christ, the Enemy will hunt, and track you down.  He will throw everything he can at you to try to convince you that there is no “War”.  Don’t believe him!

Our orders from God, our Commanding officer, is to STAY IN THE FIGHT;  Do not surrender until God Himself officially rescinds that order and relieves you of your duties.  Then…and ONLY then will the “War” be over for YOU!