By Anita Mondragon


Read:  Ecclesiastes 12:1-7

We are to remember our Creator in the days of our youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, “I find no pleasure in them”-


By Anita Mondragon
Yesterday, I was in the garage, going through some things.  I ran across a huge box of stuff I had written years ago.  Here is one of the things I found.  -anita


By Anita Mondragon

Here is a little story I wrote for my grandchildren back in ‘2000.  It’s silly, but has a moral, and although it was written for children, there is a lesson in it that we can all learn.  Enjoy! -anita



By Anita Mondragon
Years ago, when I was still in the work force, our company paid beaucoup bucks for a seminar we all had to take.  It was called, “Integrity Selling.”  I really learned a lot from this seminar.  The Founder, and Author of the book must have known a lot about God, and His precepts, for it was Biblical in many ways.  Take a look at the following, and you’ll see what I mean. -anita


By Anita Mondragon

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!   The blessings of God are abundant in our everyday lives if we will just look for them!

I want to share a poem with you.  I wrote it in November of 2009.  The following things are just a few of God’s blessings in my life.  Take inventory…I’m sure you’ll find many blessings as well!  When you recount them all…don’t forget to thank Him!


By Anita Mondragon

When folks hear the word, ‘Tithe’, they usually turn the volume down.  Why is that?  Because no one wants to give their hard-earned money away…not to anyone, especially to God!

The thing that most Christians fail to realize is that God DOES NOT, I repeat…DOES NOT NEED your money!  He just wants your obedience.  He wants us to depend upon Him for our needs. Read more…


By Anita Mondragon
 found something my husband wrote a long time ago.  It was hidden in a drawer…deep within the pages of a note-book.  When I read it…I thought about the following verses in Isaiah.  Take a look—then, take heart!  God WILL make a way…through, and out of whatever predicament you find yourself in! -anita


By Anita Mondragon

With mercy…You were broken

With mercy…Your blood shed.

You breathed Your words of Life in me…

And now, my sins are dead!

You looked upon my broken heart,

And saw the tears I cried;

You took my pain and sorrow,

When on the Cross You died.

You bid me come to You, and let my soul be fed.

You are the Living Water…

You are my Daily Bread.

I come to you Oh Jesus!  On bended knee, I fall;

Have mercy on me Lord…as on your name I call!


Anita Mondragon December 2015


By Anita Mondragon

“…the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love…”  Psalm 33:18



By Anita Mondragon
Have you ever wandered so far from the Lord, you feel you’ve gone to a place unreachable for even His mercy?  I know I have…a few times! But God’s grace and mercy are boundless!